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Creating A Foundation Of Compliance And Integrity

Risk ManagementEthical tangles don't always come from the outside. Sometimes it's the very structure of a law firm or the legal procedures it follows that cause or exacerbate a problem. Having the right ethical structures in place can strengthen a firm's risk management and compliance efforts, helping maintain focus and forward momentum.

Elements Of Ethical Structuring

I am David A. Lewis, a Manhattan-based ethics lawyer who advises clients on how to strengthen their practices against potential ethical blind spots. I provide clarity and counsel on a number of important business practices and compliance checks, including issues surrounding:

  • Technology and confidentiality
  • The conflict checking process
  • Choosing the right intake forms for new clients
  • Document retention policies
  • Drafting engagement letters, waivers, withdrawal letters and other policies
  • Employment policies and handbooks

Building these best practices into the fabric of your firm's operations can go a long way toward creating strength and sustainability within your practice.

I also offer a two-hour presentation on risk management that I present to firms across the country on request. Learn more by visiting my ethics training page.

Build Protection Into Your Practice — Contact A Legal Ethics Attorney Today

Do you know the best practices that can protect your business against unnecessary risk? It's worth a phone call to find out. To schedule an initial consultation by phone or in person at David A. Lewis Law PLLC in New York City, call 212-951-1819. You can also send me an email.

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