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A Legal Ethics Law Firm Based In Manhattan Serving Clients In New York City And Throughout The State

Bringing Ethics To Life

TrainingThe term "ethics seminar" might make you feel like you're in law school again, listening to a lecture that is more theoretical than practical. But there's no need for legal ethics to feel dry and inaccessible. The right presenter can bring ethics to life and demonstrate its importance in every aspect of your practice.

I am attorney David Lewis, and I bring informative ethics seminars to law firms and businesses across the country. With an engaging speaking style and a presentation infused with energy and humor, I help you and your colleagues connect legal ethics to your everyday practice in ways you may have never considered before.

Customizable Programs For Targeted Business Needs

I am a business partner who can help fulfill the strategic training needs of firms, customizing programs as needed to provide targeted educational opportunities. Some of the seminars I have delivered in the past include:

  • Technology and Risk Management for Law Firms
  • Legal Ethics for Litigators
  • Risk Management: What Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know
  • Litigation Financing
  • Ethical Pitfalls for Young Lawyers
  • Legal Ethics for Law Firm Administrators
  • Legal Ethics and Pro Bono Representations
  • Litigation Conduct Issues Associated With "Overly" Zealous Advocacy
  • Process and Procedure: Implementing New Law Firm Initiatives
  • The Ethics of International Practice
  • Ethical Considerations in the Use of Social Media

While David A. Lewis Law PLLC is located in New York City, I travel across the country to present these and other customized seminars. My programs address not just the ethical nuances of running a law firm, but can also touch on business and customer service training for law firms, including an emphasis on interpersonal skills and effective communication techniques.

Legal Ethics Training For Law Firms: Call To Discuss Your Training Needs

I enjoy working with clients to create educational programs for a variety of legal ethics needs. To discuss your practice and how one of my seminars might benefit your business, contact me online or call my Manhattan office at 212-951-1819 to schedule an initial consultation.

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