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Shining A Light On The Gray Areas

EthicsLaw school teaches you a lot of things. But did it teach you what to do when a lawyer leaves your firm and violates the standards of the profession by engaging in improper solicitation of clients? What if you find out deep into a hotly contested litigation that your client has been lying to you, or if you want to withdraw from a case for nonpayment? What about how to leave your current law firm to start your own law practice in a proper manner that is consistent with the standards of the profession?

These are all situations that require an educated and strategic professional approach. A misguided response to an ethical challenge could potentially compound the difficulty and even threaten your practice.

I am attorney David A. Lewis, and I provide legal counsel to firms across the state of New York facing these types of difficult issues and many others.

Why Hire Your Own Lawyer? Because Morals Aren't Always The Same As Legal Ethics.

There is nothing "moral" about a requirement that all conflicts waivers be confirmed in writing. Lawyers sometimes wonder why they need to pay someone to be their ethics lawyer. The reasoning generally goes that if you're a good, honest and decent person who doesn't lie, cheat or steal, why would you need to hire someone to tell you the right thing to do? The answer is that there's a difference between morals and legal ethics. You can be a good person and still not know what's ethically required of you by the rules of professional conduct regarding such issues as:

  • Confidentiality
  • Litigation conduct
  • Leaving a firm
  • Inadvertent disclosure
  • Disqualification

Furthermore, some conflicts don't fall neatly into the provenance of one rule or the other. That's why having the perspective of an attorney who is well-versed in ethics counseling is essential.

Protect Your Firm And Help It Thrive With An Ethics Training Session Or Seminar

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That may be especially true among legal professionals. Preventing legal ethics problems before they arise can save time, money and protect your reputation.

While I primarily work one-on-one with attorneys facing specific ethics issues and questions, I also offer training sessions and seminars covering a wide variety of legal ethics topics. To learn more, visit my training session information page.

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David A. Lewis Law PLLC is a Manhattan law firm serving clients in New York City and throughout the state of New York. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling 212-951-1819 or by emailing the firm.

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