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Candid Legal Ethics Advice

David A LewisEven lawyers need a lawyer sometimes, particularly when facing ethics issues that could compromise their professional standing. Manhattan attorney David A. Lewis, Esq., counsels attorneys and law firms about how to negotiate and prevent ethical conflicts and violations that could lead to professional liability. The law firm David A. Lewis Law PLLC provides strategic counsel for lawyers facing disciplinary complaints and attorney ethics disputes. The firm also helps other law firms structure their practices in a way that shields them from ethical issues like conflicts of interest or confidentiality breaches. David A. Lewis also travels the country giving engaging and thought-provoking presentations about a variety of legal ethics topics. Highly informative with a dash of humor, his seminars bring to life a topic that is sometimes regarded as dry or inaccessible. Whether serving as an educator, litigator or ongoing advisor, David A. Lewis, Esq., provides targeted and knowledgeable counsel to help protect attorneys from potential ethical pitfalls that could compromise the reputation or viability of a practice.

Experience, Enthusiasm and Trust

David A. Lewis is a new kind of ethics lawyer. Not content to remain cloistered in an ivory tower, he provides practical, accessible legal counsel backed by distinguished experience. Attorney Lewis is the past chair of the New York City Bar Association's Professional Responsibility Committee, a member of the New York State Bar Association's Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct, the past vice chair of the New York State Bar Association's Task Force on Nonlawyer Ownership, and has been appointed to the New York City Bar Association's Council on the Profession. His firm emphasizes prevention over litigation, providing tailored counsel to individual attorneys and in-house law departments of Fortune 500 companies alike, helping them reduce risk and professional liability. His ethics programs have been sponsored by a spectrum of influential legal organizations, including the Association for Professional Responsibility Lawyers, the American Bar Association and the Practicing Law Institute.

Manage Your Risk

Are you confident you're as familiar as you need to be with the legal rules of professional conduct? Don't find out the hard way that there was a gap in your knowledge. David A. Lewis Law PLLC provides astute representation for legal ethics issues in the New York City area, and also gives seminars nationwide on legal ethics topics including law firm management and litigation financing. Whether navigating a single conflict or providing ongoing legal counsel, David Lewis provides sound and strategic advice to help your law firm or business survive existing disputes. He can also help prevent new conflicts from destabilizing your professional life. To schedule your initial consultation with David Lewis, call 212-951-1819 or email the firm for additional information.

Building Long-Term Relationships

David Lewis often serves as ongoing outside counsel after providing advice on a specific ethics matter.

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