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Protecting Your License After a Complaint

Disciplinary ComplaintsDavid A. Lewis understands the gravity of the situation when you face a disciplinary complaint that could compromise your license. He provides straightforward and proactive counsel to clients in this situation, helping to protect their professional licenses and reputations.

A Partnership Built On Trust

Whether you've received an official disciplinary complaint or have just heard the rumblings of a threatened one, you need swift and strategic counsel from an attorney who has made legal ethics the focus of his practice. Whether you are facing a bar admissions inquiry, professional misconduct allegations or another serious complaint, David A. Lewis is a lawyer's lawyer who can help you get back on track.

What Can You Expect?

David helps clients facing a grievance or disciplinary complaint by walking them through the entire New York disciplinary process.  David will fight to defend and protect his client's hard earned professional standing as lawyers. The goal is to achieve an outcome that will interfere the least with a client's legal practice, professional reputation and ability to continue practicing law.

After David successfully navigates a grievance or disciplinary complaint, clients often engage him to serve as outside counsel for ongoing or future ethics concerns.

Reduce Your Risk, Get Back to Work

Whether you need help working through or avoiding a grievance or disciplinary complaint, Manhattan ethics lawyer David A. Lewis can provide the knowledgeable representation and advice you need to move forward. To schedule an initial consultation, call 212-951-1819 or contact David A. Lewis Law PLLC online to learn more.

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