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A Legal Challenge at The Finish Line

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It's possible to get all the way through law school and pass your bar exam, only to run into problems in the character and fitness vetting process. This unfortunate situation can put your license in question at the same time that you've already racked up thousands in law school debt. At David A. Lewis Law PLLC, Manhattan attorney David Lewis can help you stay on track for bar admission at this crucial point in your career.

Resolving Character and Fitness Questions

There are a number of issues that could compromise your bar admission that have nothing to do with how knowledgeable you are about the law. These are called 'character and fitness' requirements. Red flags of this sort that could potentially keep you from practicing law include:

  • Failing to reveal a past criminal charge
  • Mismanaging debt
  • Failing to reveal or seek treatment for a mental illness or substance abuse problem

Not every character or fitness issue presents a terminal challenge to your ability to practice law. But having an experienced legal ethics attorney as a representative and advisor can help you work through the bar admissions process efficiently and effectively without further compromising your reputation or eligibility to practice law.

Start Your Career in The Clear

You've put a lot into your goal of becoming a practicing lawyer. Don't let a past mistake or omission undermine all the effort and money you've invested so far. To consult with an experienced legal ethics attorney who can guide you through a bar admissions issue, take the time now to call David A. Lewis Law PLLC at 212-951-1819 or email to schedule a time to set up an initial consultation.

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