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David A LewisDavid Lewis is a Manhattan attorney who provides smart and straightforward representation, counsel and ongoing education for lawyers and businesses navigating legal ethics issues. His approach blends a practical business sense with extensive knowledge of the professional issues facing attorneys who may be facing disciplinary measures or looking to prevent potential conflicts of interest. He understands the serious effect a disciplinary complaint can have on an individual attorney, a practice or a business. While he prioritizes prevention over litigation, attorney Lewis provides aggressive and committed advocacy when needed to protect the professional interests of his clients.

David Lewis has had the distinguished honor of serving a three-year term as the chair of the New York City Bar Association's Professional Responsibility Committee, and has also been appointed to the City Bar's Council on the Profession. He has served as a member of the New York State Bar Association's (NYSBA) Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct, as well as the vice chair of the NYSBA Task Force on Nonlawyer Ownership. To learn more about his background and qualifications, please visit the link below.

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David A. Lewis Law PLLC is an ethics law firm committed to educating attorneys about their professional responsibilities and providing assertive representation when ethical questions or conflicts arise. Have a question? Schedule an initial consultation by calling 212-951-1819 or use the firm's online contact form to learn more.

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